The Automotive Nomadic Customer Series

Webinar Recordings

Catch a replay of our Automotive Nomadic Customer Series Webinars below and join us on our mission to find this Nomadic Customer and stop them in their tracks.

Webinar 1 | Webinar 2  

WATCH NOW [Webinar #2]:

5 Digital Strategies Proven to Catch & Convert the Automotive Nomadic Customer

webinar highlights: 

Quick Refresh: Key facts about the Automotive Nomadic Customer

4-Question Quiz: Identify gaps in you or your client’s digital media strategy

20 Free Business Profile Setup Guides

Inspiration: 5 strategies to win on the top-visited apps 

Omnichannel Advertising: Deployment, path to purchase, and more…

WATCH NOW [webinar #1]:

Why The Automotive Nomadic Customer Is Costing Dealerships BIG Bucks $$$!

webinar highlights: 

Digital Media: The Evolution

Remember “Spray & Pray” Advertising?

Meet The Customer Costing You $$$

Traditional Digital vs. New Digital

How This Customer Shops For Cars

Find out everything you need to know to catch and convert the #1 most unreachable car shopper today.

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