For Automotive

High-converting automotive social ads without the overhead.

BuyerBridge helps Automotive resellers easily deploy ads, measure performance, and attribute vehicle sales to dealership social ad campaigns, without adding a single team member.

Advanced Omni-Social advertising platform for Automotive businesses

Save Time & Empower Your Team

Deliver Powerful Client Reporting

Eliminate Churn & Be Un-Fireable

Easily Add Social To Your Existing Services

Instantly sync vehicle inventory with social media ads

Creating different inventory catalogs for different social platforms, for each of your clients can be frustrating.

That’s why we’ve made inventory processing simple. Syndicate a client’s inventory one time, and we’ll automatically create the vehicle catalogs for you to input into Facebook (Meta), Snapchat, and TikTok. 


Get 250 proven automotive Ad Playbooks

Building ads, writing copy, and setting up targeting for dealer-clients takes A LOT of resources. BuyerBridge automotive Playbooks are premade, ready-to-go ad campaigns PROVEN to perform. Our Playbook Library contains:

  • Buy Back, Trade, Custom Order and Pre-Order campaigns
  • OEM Branding and the most recent Model Line campaigns
  • Service, Hiring, and Inventory campaigns

Prove true ROI with reporting designed for automotive


Real-Time Dashboard Reports

This dynamic dashboard is perfect for comparing metrics, isolating each channel’s performance, or measuring improvements over time for each of your clients.

Sales Attribution (Matchback) Report

Securely upload a CSV of a customer list inside BuyerBridge, and your automotive clients will be able to see all vehicle sales attributed to their social media advertising campaigns!

Facebook (Meta) Lead Report

Not only can you capture lead form submissions and send them directly to your client’s inbox with ADF/XML, you can also get a snapshot of all leads for each account within the BuyerBridge dashboard!


Vehicle Advertising Report

Get an instant view of which vehicles are trending, how much your clients are spending per vehicle, and so much more with our unbeatable Vehicle Advertising report.


Client reports, 3 ways:

Real-Time Dashboard

This dynamic dashboard is perfect for comparing metrics, isolating each channel’s performance, or measuring improvements over time for each of your clients.

Multi-Account View

Which clients are rockstars this month? Which accounts need more attention? Easily sort and compare all client accounts from one screen to identify opportunities and top performers.

PDF Builder

Dashboards aren’t for everyone. Our PDF Builder allows you to customize, prioritize, and deliver the metrics that matter most to your clients in a sleek, multi-page package.

More features our Automotive partners love 😍 

Whitelabel Options

We understand how important delivering a seamless user experience to your clients is. Whitelabel every aspect of our platform to make it truly your own.

AI Account Monitoring

Rest assured knowing BuyerBridge’s AI will immediately alert you if anything goes awry, from broken pixels, lost Page Access, and so much more.

ADF/XML Lead Reports

Track and capture Facebook leads from your clients’ ads complete with email address, phone number, and full name, and view them in our platform or sent via ADF/XML right to the CRM.

Human Support

We pride ourselves on providing SaaS that’s a little more “service” than software: we offer 1:1 “human” support to ALL of our partners.

Offline Event Uploader

Ready to deliver unquestionable ROI? Use our Offline Event Uploader to easily attribute sales to your clients’ ads.

Budget Pacing

Budgeting for multiple clients doesn’t have to be a headache! Our Budget Pacing helps you set and monitor all budgets, plus easily make any adjustments.

Unlimited Platform Users

No volume-based restrictions or required upgrades here! Everyone on your team — and your clients’ teams! — can enjoy BuyerBridge’s platform.

EventFlow Conversion Tracking

Our EventFlow technology automatically tracks high-intent events, like form fills and widget clicks, and shares that data across all activated social platforms.

Unlimited Reports

Every client has different KPIs that matter to them. Create as many reports as you want in our PDF Builder to deliver the best possible client experience.

Create a seamless experience for your clients with Whitelabel

See how BuyerBridge can help your Agency simplify social ads today.