The Powerful AdTech Platform Designed To Help Agencies Scale And Make More Money.

BuyerBridge provides agencies with the all-in-one toolkit to automatically deploy, manage
and optimize ads across multiple channels for local businesses. 

Fast & Accurate Ad Account Activation

Set dealer clients live and begin driving results from various channels faster than ever before.

Easily connect your dealer clients’ assets and quickly setup their ad account dependencies on multiple social channels.

Pull inventory from over 120 Website/ Feed providers + normalize, enhance, and convert a dealer’s vehicle inventory into product catalogs in SECONDS.

Ready-To-Deploy Ad Campaigns In Just One Click

Help dealers go to market with ad campaigns that are already built out, fully optimized from top to bottom. Run Reach & Brand Awareness campaigns, Automotive Inventory ads, generate leads, and create customers for life with ads that prospect then retarget users. Turn prospects into buyers, and buyers into customers for life.

Track User Activity With BuyerBridge’s Intelligent Automation

Easily track website shoppers and their behavior with BuyerBridge EventFlow, then automatically retarget active users across multiple social channels; from phone clicks and form submissions to scroll distance and carousel interactions. Gain access to key auto shopper insights and automatically retarget on multiple social channels.

Quickly Generate Custom Performance Reports For Clients

Understand the full picture of your dealer client’s ad performance with our real-time dynamic reporting. Track client performance, gain access to critical data including metrics that range from Reach to Cost Per Sale, compare overall stats, and automatically generate custom performance reports that make it easy to prove ROI to your clients.

There’s Nothing Like Omnichannel Intelligence

Be present on multiple channels to reach the right user, with the right message, at the right time, where they are spending time! Remove limitations and unlock more opportunities for ad personalization that drives conversion + take advantage of cross-channel micro-targeting..

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Market Analyzer

Discover and validate more opportunities across various advertising channels for dealers in any market. Automatically generate key insights that help identify which channels are relevant to your clients’ markets and how much ad spend should be distributed where; in order to optimize + maximize their target audience on each channel. Unlock powerful data, like potential results for each channel, that is critical for making data-driven decisions that increase your clients’ ROI.