These are the best advertising apps that will help you streamline your agency

Advertising apps have become an essential tool for most digital agencies due to how efficient they are at streamlining the ads into various mobile platforms. With the majority of the population around the world having access to the internet and spending a good percentage of their time browsing social mend platforms like Facebook or Instagram, having a way to manage all this can be useful. Advertising applications were made to assist in the processes of managing every aspect of offloading the various advertisements put into motion.
Using one will allow your team to completely manage every aspect of their client’s advertising campaign. By utilizing these apps, your team will be able to stay on top of things even while they are on the go. With that said, let’s go over some of the best advertising apps around that shall help you streamline your agency.


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Of course, we have to start off with this post by mentioning our own product! So what is BuyerBridge? BuyerBridge is a platform that is capable of providing all sorts of impressive assistance for your agency. Our app comes with account management, which allows you to easily manage your clients and location. You’ll be able to seamlessly create new Facebook AD accounts, office events, and add or organize existing accounts. Our platform also assists your agency in deploying, managing, and optimizing Instagram and Facebook automotive inventory ads and marketplace.

Guess what else makes us stand out for Facebook advertisers? We have been approved to syndicate pre-owned to ten Facebook Marketplaces worldwide. Meaning, if your clients are a dealership, you’ll be able to post their vehicles onto Facebook Marketplace with no hassle at all. Right now, BuyerBridge is capable of supporting dealers from Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
The best part of all, you can integrate other platforms as well, such as CRMs, Inventory providers, website providers, and reporting platforms. We built a truly robust system that is capable of streamlining your agency’s advertising attempts and offers a seamless way to pull all of this off. When it comes to pricing, we have four different tiers available, Marketplace, Pro, Ultimate, and Enterprise. If you’re looking for an all in one platform for managing your Facebook and Instagram ads, then make sure you get in touch for us for a free trial and test run.


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Running a successful campaign can be difficult for even the most experienced agencies out there, especially when it comes to handling the various social media platforms out there. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps out there capable of providing much-needed assistance in handling every one of them. Buffer is one of the most popular apps around with its main function allowing its users to schedule updates to multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Buffer has become an essential part of managing the various clients an agency currently has contracted under. Instead of having to log into everyone’s social media accounts, Buffer allows you to integrate every social media platform into a single location, the Buffer dashboard. The dashboard will enable your team to schedule every content from there. By using a buffer, your team will be able to schedule all of the posts based on the most efficient share times for your client’s industry, post to every social network at once, and develop content and images within the platform itself.

When it comes to pricing, Buffer offers three different plans, the Pro plan, which costs $10/month, the premium plan, which costs $65/month, and lastly, the Business plan, which is $99/month. They also offer a free 14-day trial that allows you to test the platform out before fully committing to it.

Outbrain Amplify

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Outbrain is one of the leading advertising platforms out there and comes packed with all sorts of features useful for content and social media marketing as well. This platform primarily provides agency assistance with getting their content onto major publishing websites, such as CNN, ABC News, Fortune, People, Time, and Wired. Outbrain has also claimed that it provides over 50% better CPA then display advertising.

Using Outbrain will allow your agency to publish ads that are linked to your content on top of publisher’s sites, and in return, receive a targeted, engaged audience who are aware of the content advertised to them. This platform also offers its users a variety of options on how to operate your campaign. You can decide the pricing model you want to follow, including your CPC and budget. They also offer you an accurate targeting opportunity so you can make sure none of the advertising budgets doesn’t go to waste on people who won’t be interested in the product or service you are offering. The dashboard also comes with detailed information when it comes to analyzing, tracking, and optimizing your campaigns.


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Sync2CRM allows its users to automatically synchronize Facebook Lead ads and custom audiences with MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and Active Campaign. This is especially useful if your team is running an active email list, as this allows them to target Facebook advertising directly into your email list. By using Sync2CRM, your agency will be able to instantaneously synchronize Mailchimp and Active Campaign, along with getting an automatic one hour batch sync of infusionsoft tags and saved searches. This will allow your team to match every CRM email and phone field.

Sync2CRM offers first-time users a 30-free day trial, but once that is used up, you’ll have to start paying $12/month.


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Considered one of the most impressive apps to have come out over the years, Socialbaker AI usage is quite distinguished. For that matter, Socialbakers has shown the advertising world that AI is capable of providing all sorts of impressive solutions to their problems. This platform seems to have successfully incorporated everything required to get the job done with the assistance of a robust AI. The tool provides is capable of helping your team discover the personas of each customer and the type of content they’ll enjoy. This has made it possible for more intelligent advertising spend and higher quality in content and customer engagement.

Socialbakers comes with some nifty features, such as listening and intelligence features that help your team control the narrative around their products and images. Furthermore, you can expect influencer marketing management, measuring and reporting functionality, and a way for you to engage the audience from a variety of platforms all available in a single location for a more streamlined and acceptable approach to managing the audience.

The pricing for Socialbakers comes in two different tiers. The first one is the essential one, which offers a price tag of $200/month for 10 profiles, while the $400/month offers 20 profiles. To get the complete package, you’ll have to get in contact with a representative to consult them.


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Hootsuite is another excellent tool that is capable of streamlining your agency’s work. Social media management capabilities allow your team to schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube. Hootsuite also comes with paid advertising functionality available for various platforms. This will allow your agency to run ads or promote an already successful content to stretch its reach and impression. This platform’s foremost functionally includes analytics, content management, paid content promotion, monitoring, scheduling, and team management. Another nifty capability this tool offers its users is the allowance to integrate with all the major social media platforms.

While Hootsuite does offer a 30-day free trial for new users, they also come with four different plans available. The professional plan will cost $29/month, which enables one user, 10 social profiles, and unlimited scheduling. The team plan costs $129/month and supports three users, 20 social profiles, and unlimited scheduling. The business plan will cost $599/month and allows 5-10 users, 35 social profiles, and unlimited scheduling. The last is the enterprise plan, but that requires you to get in contact with a representative at Hootsuite to receive pricing.


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Hotjar offers you a visual way to understand what the users do when visiting a website and social pages. This creates something known as heatmaps of web pages, which highlights specific parts that people actually interact with and scroll. Your agency can use Hotjar to receive rapid visual feedback, and it helps your team become aware of how people are using the client’s website. Utilizing these features will allow you to make the appropriate changes when needed, without having to be overly concerned about changing things without no reassurance behind the action.

This platform has far more working for it then it’s heat maps feature, it also comes packaged with tools connected to visitor recordings, form analysis, feedback polls, conversion funnels, and a way to gather instantaneous feedback from the website visitor. Hotjar can also be used to develop and analyze surveys and recruit test users from an existing customer base.

Hotjar is also able to integrate with most of the popular web platforms out there. This platform was built to work right out of the box on plenty of platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, WordPress, and much more. Hotjar also comes with a variety of plans made for personal, business, or agency usage. The primary packaging is free and is aimed at students and enthusiasts. The Business plan will vary, depending on the amount of gathered data and pages viewed per day. The agency one will require you to get in contact with Hotjar, but it does offer a 30-day free trial.


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Bitrix24 is mostly known as a social media CRM, but it does come with some other essential features. This platform will allow you to handle data from Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Telegram, VK, Slack, Skype, and many more. Its Open Channels feature allows its users to manage every social communication in a single place. Users will be able to save any conversation onto the Bitrix24s CRM, regardless of the social network or messenger used. It also comes with marketing and sales automation tools allowing it’s users to automate parts of their sales process, including social media advertising. This also comes packaged with traditional core CRM features, like email or telemarketing, quotes, invoice, and product catalog.

When it comes to its pricing system, Bitrix24 offers several different plans, with one of them being free. The three specific plans it offers are the Start+, which costs $24/mo, the CRM+, which costs $69/mo, the Project+, which coss 69/mo, and lastly the Project+, which costs $69/mo. Two business plans are also offered with the standard costing $99/mo and the professional costing $199/mo.


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AgoraPulse is a combination of marketing and social media management tools. This will allow your team to connect with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to the platform, allowing your team to have the capability to control every aspect of your social media communications with no issue. It also offers a one-click reporting, giving your team the chance to access valuable statistics on CSV or PPT Formats. Similar to any other tool, collaboration has been integrated, making it a robust solution for large teams.

This tool will allow your agency to track who’s working on what and never miss out on anything currently going on. AgoraPulses also comes with a reliable CRM tool that allows you to rapidly label and group audiences into various segments, something any agency would consider invaluable for their work. While most people wouldn’t take ad comments into consideration when dealing with paid media campaigns, AgoraPulse has proven that they provide better results. The platform can collect comments from paid social media ads and send them into the inbox, making it seamless to gather feedback and plan for more impactful campaigns.



Technology has managed to evolve in ways most people weren’t expecting, but thanks to some incredibly smart people, these apps have become an invaluable tool to assist with achieving your agency’s work. Each of these mentioned apps works quite well at helping to streamline your agency’s workload and will ensure they are effective in meeting the needs of your clients. Just keep in mind that each of these apps does offer a free trial, so don’t be afraid to test them out before fully committing to the price plan, especially the highly expensive ones.