What type of services should your digital agency offer to your clients in 2020?

The services provided by a digital marketing agency for the prosperity of any business out there trying to make it big in this digital age. Some companies would hesitate to hire an agency due to the notion that they’ll have to pay a large amount of money simply to get the results they want for their business. Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic agencies that are willing to work with these businesses and do all the work for them at a smaller cost.

Chances are you are one of the many firms that help these smaller companies achieve their goals. The way companies spread the word of their brand has changed over the years, notably thanks to the power of the internet. While tons of options are available for businesses to spread awareness, most of these business owners aren’t sure what appropriate strategies to take or even have the time to implement it themselves. That’s where your agency comes in to provide the assistance they require to succeed in their goals.

Every digital agency is capable of helping business owners in their way. There are several services your agency can offer your clients, with some of them crucial to meet the goals of the clients’ needs. For this article, we’ll be going through several services your digital agency should be offering clients during the year 2020.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is typically on the top of any digital agency services offering. The main reason is that SEO affects every single part of a business’s online marketing strategy. SEO is crucial to ensure the website of the company manages to show up within online search engines, like Google or Bing. If an effective SEO isn’t implemented, potential customers won’t be able to become aware of the existence of the company, or it’s digital marketing efforts.

The reason for this is due to the power search engines have when it comes to choosing which site should emerge when people are executing online searches. They decide this based on a complicated algorithm that balances on various criteria to dictate if the website is what the searcher is looking for. Essentially, SEO is what optimizes every piece of online content so it can become more easily discoverable by these search engines. For instance, if the business hiring you is selling caps, you want the search engine to find their website first when people decide to type in hats into the search bar.

There are plenty of websites out there that have a term like hats associated with them. That’s why this service must be a part of a digital agency since it will help you provide a necessary service for your clients. Experts in SEO make sure to stay up to date with the latest criteria that shall place their client’s website in front of the correct customers. They’ll be aware of how to optimize every piece of content with related keywords, backlinks, internal links, and local optimization strategies.
The services provided by a digital agency and ensure every aspect of the client’s website is fine-tuned to gain the approval of the search engines. This is especially important now with how 2020 is spacing out due to the current epidemic affecting most businesses.

Strategy Development

Most companies these days are relying on digital marketing to spread the word of their business, but most of them don’t tend to have an approach in place. With so much information and tools available to them, it can be quite difficult to grasp why there’s a lack of concise strategy. Although, for most businesses out there, the excuses are quite understandable and apparent since they are limited in both time and expertise.
On the other hand, digital agencies are already equipped with the appropriate tools and the insight to come up with an effective solution for business problems. A team of experts will be placed to assess previous attempts, use tools such as Google Analytics to understand a customer’s persona and check-in with Google Benchmarking Reports to see how the business is currently performing compared to other competing companies. Your digital agency should also be capable of providing the appropriate budget and priorities for your client. You should come up with a plan for each step your client shall take on their journey, from brand awareness to conversion. Most importantly, you should be capable of advancing the strategy as your team monitors consumer engagement.

Content Marketing

Offering customers quality content will boost a company’s search engine rankings, raise brand awareness, validate their business in the eyes of prospective customers, and eventually drive conversions. Your digital agency should be capable of doing several things when it comes to making content for your client. Drafting engageable and shareable blog posts utilizing content management systems such as WordPress. They should also be able to come up with social media advertisements that will catch the attention of prospective customers. Lastly, the content should be fully optimized for search engines.
Any digital agency worth their salt should also perform content analysis, both when they are reviewing the existing website as they continue to add updates and improve the content strategy. Utilizing tools such as Google analytics will allow a content marketing team to remain up to date with reviews stats regarding bot crawlability, meta information, and keyword density, ensuring that the content is always being competitive.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO and SEM are two different methods, while they do rely on keywords, that’s where the similarity between the two ends. SEM is all about paying a search engine to place a website in front of potential customers. It’s somewhat similar to that of Pay-Per-Click advertising. By using SEM, you select the keywords related to the product or services and then develop advertisements based on them. These are the types of ads most people will see when they are making a search query.

To get the ad placed on these premium spaces the chosen keywords will need to be bidding on. Every time a potential customer inserts a search query the search engine shall decide which ads to show them. This is done with the aid of a complex algorithm related to how much a person bids for a keyword and the quality score of the advertisement. By using Google ads, you’ll need to pay up for the bid each time Google has displayed the ad. In the case of pay-per-click advertising, the only payment that needs to be done is when someone clicks on the advertisement. Plus, there is a set of maximum amounts per campaign or keyword.
Most business owners won’t be able to grasp the concept that well, and it’s understandable why they would seek out a digital agency to provide them the expertise to pull this off. At most, they’ll want assistance on figuring out which keywords to use, how to create quality advertisements, and how much they should bid. As a digital agency, you should be able to reassure your clients that you’ll be able to successfully provide them with an SEM suited for them.

Social Media

For a business to succeed on social media, they’ll need to have a thorough understanding of each platform they are using. Each social media network appeals to a different type of audience, so being able to reach out to the ones that hold the customers for a specific product is essential. According to Statista, over 3 billion people are using social media globally, which is an enormous audience for businesses to spread the word of their products and services. Social media marketing all comes down to increasing the brand’s awareness by sharing content and engaging with the customer.

A digital agency should be capable of coming up with suitable content that appeals to the demographic a client wants to target. They’ll also be capable of setting up targeting Facebook ads to appear in front of a specific demographic. Your agency should also be capable of providing an in-depth analysis of the client’s current social media standing, come up with enticing social media campaigns to attract sales, and monitor social media comments about the client’s business.

Email Outreach

Email outreaches are considered one of the oldest digital marketing strategies that are still utilized by every agency out there. This strategy is still considered one of the best possible ways for companies to generate leads, hence the reason why it remains in play. Managing an email contact list, email personalization, and targeting product offerings is a crucial process of email marketing. While this strategy may seem simple for most, in reality, it’s very time-consuming and complicated.
As a digital agency, you should have the necessary skills to handle every aspect of this service seamlessly. You should provide assistance in growing your client’s email list, come up with engaging campaigns that generate conversions, and come up with effective mailing campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

A well thought out pay-per-click campaign will have the potential to receive high ROI since you are pretty much paying directly or clicks instead of playing for advertising in an attempt to earn clicks. As a digital agency, you’ll want to ensure you can come up with the appropriate strategies that will inspire the right customers to click on your client’s ads. Your agency should be capable of investigating the keywords needed for the client’s market and choose the best keywords for their objectives. Researching for the correct audience and coming up with strategic campaigns to organize ad groups. Furthermore, they should be able to oversee the content writing, set up a landing page for the PPC ad, monitor the performance of adjusted bids to optimize strategy, and remarket to customers who have a history of engaging with the ads.

Online video campaign

Almost everyone is making videos on this day, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. With places like YouTube providing a way for people to upload videos to show off their wares and such, it’s no wonder it’s become a popular way to market a company. When a business wants to include a video for their product landing page, they’ll start seeing a conversion increase totaling around 80%. Digital agencies are capable of providing their clients assistance with this and help them tap into the benefits provided by this type of medium.

If you’re considering adding an online video service, then you should be capable of planning, creating, and producing new video content that also includes explainer videos. Optimization of videos for new platforms is also a must, along with tracking the traffic generated by video marketing. Your agency should also be utilizing hosting services that provide detailed analytics that allow you to see even the parts where the consumer stopped videos, skipped ahead, or rewatched. Your team should be aware of how to fully use this information to design future efforts and create meaningful customer experiences.


Re-targeting allows a company to offer a second chance to those who have visited their website and left without making a purchase. A small line of code shall be implemented into the website that provides a cookie to be dropped onto the computer of each visitor of the client website. Every time a person decides to browse the web, that cookie will prompt the retargeting provider to display the ads. This is a great way to remind any prospective clients about the products or services your client is providing and attracting them back to the website when they’re reading to spend some cash.


Digital agencies play a crucial role when it comes to helping businesses boost their presence online. By being able to effectively provide your clients with these services, you’ll be building a solid reputation amongst your clients and spread awareness to your agency. Each of these varies from one of another, but they do play a crucial role when it comes to providing your client with ways for them to reach out to more prospective customers. Make sure the quality you offer is top-notch, and you’ll be surpassing your own set of competitors over time.