Jay Meyer


VIP Video & Marketing

  Ohio, United States

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Your Dealership Video Content & SEO Provider. Sell more vehicles by increasing your dealership’s online digital footprint one video & website geo-targeted landing page at a time!


Vehicle Inventory Management
Photos & Videos of New & Used Inventory YouTube Channel Management
Facebook Ads

Key industries

RV & Trailer
Marine & Boats


21-50 employees

Jay Meyer


VIP Video & Marketing

  Ohio, United States

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About VIP Video & Marketing

You probably know that your dealership website lays the foundation for selling more vehicles, but how can your online actions result in more customers walking in the front door of your dealership?

Is there a city location you wish you could target and sell new or used vehicles from? Are you losing sales and market share to your competitor’s dealership location each month?

Well, the answer is “City Search Spotlight!”

“City Search Spotlight” allows you to target specific cities of your choice to expand your dealership’s online geographical reach. Helping you sell new and used vehicles each and every day! Our “City Search Spotlight” geo-targeted landing page strategy enables you to:

· Enhance your dealership website digital footprint – one “City” page at a time

· Rank your business on the first page of all major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing

· Generate qualified leads for your sales team

· Target your competitor’s customers … and most importantly sell more vehicles!

And the list goes on…

Sell new and used vehicles in the cities of your choice, discover new market opportunities, and watch your dealership’s monthly sales skyrocket to new heights. It all starts from a well-crafted “City Search Spotlight” geo-targeted landing page strategy.

Join “VIP Video & Marketing” today and sell more vehicles!

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