The BuyerBridge Playbook Library

Like Netflix, for ad campaigns. ūüéČ

The Details:

What Are Playbooks?

BuyerBridge Playbooks are ready-to-deploy ad campaigns at your fingertips!

Each Playbook is built out head-to-toe and is preset with audience targeting, ad creative, copy, PLUS campaign strategy using best practices.

Playbooks can include anywhere from 5-50 different ads, with a combination of single image ads, carousels, videos ‚ÄĒ and all it takes is ONE click of a button.

What Is The Playbook Library?

Think of the BuyerBridge Playbook Library like Netflix, but for Ad Campaigns!

You can scroll for hours browsing our 200+ Playbooks  (or filter the Playbook Library by Playbook Type, Focus, Channel, etc.), and even preview the ads inside. 

With our Playbook library, your business will help dealers get to market faster than ever before! 

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