Quick vehicle inventory integration.

Seamlessly syndicate and manage any dealership’s inventory in real-time to deliver the most relevant vehicles to in-market auto shoppers.

Easily setup vehicle inventory

Integrate with a dealer’s Website Inventory or Feed Inventory to help them start driving results faster than ever while keeping inventory fresh.

  • Website Inventory: Scrape dealers’ sites and instantly access inventory 
  • Feed Inventory: Have a dealer’s feed provider send their data feed directly to BuyerBridge for guaranteed accuracy

With real-time, automatic updates to vehicle details, images, availability, price, and more; you’ll never have to worry about if the inventory you’re advertising is accurate!

Transform vehicle inventory into ads across social channels

Creating different inventory catalogs for different social platforms, for each of your clients, can be frustrating.

That’s why we’ve made inventory processing simple. Syndicate a client’s inventory one time, and we’ll automatically create the vehicle catalogs for you to input into Facebook (Meta), Snapchat, and TikTok.

Dynamic Retargeting

Meet EventFlow, our vehicle-specific event tracking feature that captures user interaction with a dealer’s inventory. It enables cross-channel retargeting to maximize any dealer’s reach. Through EventFlow, you can:

  • Automatically retarget in-market auto shoppers with the exact vehicle inventory they engaged with
  • Keep ads relevant, customized, and more powerful!


View the inventory that’s being synced and verified behind-the-scenes from one location. Plus, get visibility into how the vehicles (VINs) are listed publicly on socials to ensure front-end accuracy.

supported PROVIDERS

We support over 120+ automotive inventory providers, and are constantly adding new providers based on demand. Even better? If a provider is unlisted, all you have to do is request that it be added!

See how BuyerBridge can help your Agency simplify social ads today.