3 Reasons Why Your Dealer-Clients Need an Organic Instagram Strategy

Organic content on Instagram is an influential tool that many businesses overlook. 😕

Unlike paid ads, it can be difficult – if not downright impossible – to prove direct ROI from an organic social media strategy.

But a strong organic presence on Instagram not only strengthens your client’s brand and increases awareness…it can actually improve the results of any dealer’s ads!

Let’s dive into the 3 reasons why your dealer-clients NEED an organic Instagram strategy:

1. Organic Content Increases the Success of Paid Ads

More times than not, businesses create ads based on assumptions. 👎

But what if you could produce content for your client’s ads that have been tested by their own audience, and PROVEN to work – for free?

You can: Simply post the content you and your client want to advertise organically first!

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After 30 days, measure and see what content received the most Likes, Comments, and Views from Instagram’s built-in “Insights” feature.

Did your client’s audience engage more with short or long-form copy? What types of content caught their eye, kept their attention, and swayed them to double-tap? 

Once you identify your client’s top-performing content, THEN it’s time to leverage it and turn that content into an ad – now watch the results pour in! 📈

This strategy gives you the unique opportunity to test out various types of content – without draining your client’s budget. 

And using your client’s organic content on Instagram to guide their paid strategy (AKA the ads they’re backing with $$$), is an easy way to maximize results on Instagram.

2. It Builds Your Dealer-Client’s Brand

Did you know? According to Animoto, 58% of people say they visit a brand’s social pages before visiting their website. And that’s an 81% increase from 2020. 

Image Source: https://animoto.com/blog/video-marketing/paid-vs-organic-social

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We’re all humans, and when we see an ad for a product or service that resonates with us, it’s only natural to be curious:

“What is this product/service?” “Who is the brand behind this ad?” “Does this brand align with my own personal brand?”🧐

These are all thoughts that happen organically 😉 and impact how users take action after seeing an ad. 

And all it takes is a simple click on the business’ Instagram profile to find out. 

Your business could be doing a great job at running ads for a dealership, reaching the right people at the right time with the right offer…

But if your dealer-client’s brand isn’t accurately represented on their social media profile – it could actually make or break the success of their ads (which hurts you both)! 🚫

Plus, organic posts are a great opportunity to showcase the people behind a business, their company values, and their passions as a brand.

This makes focusing on an organic strategy on Instagram helps dealerships spend time on their culture and team!

3. More Content = More Opportunities for Conversion

It would be unreasonable to think that one post has the power to sell a user on a product or service.

Especially when it comes to auto shoppers, who spend an average of 14:53 hours in the car buyer journey (from awareness to purchase), and who are usually making the 2nd largest investment in their lives.  🚙

Image Source: https://b2b.autotrader.com/app/uploads/2020-Car-Buyer-Journey-Study.pdf

Users need multiple ways to experience the value that any dealer will provide them before deciding to pull the trigger and choose your client’s dealership over their competitors.

This is exactly why the best way to turn a user into a customer is through multiple touch-points that build trust. 

And with trending hashtags, video reels, Instagram Live, and Stories, Instagram provides multiple avenues to reach shoppers in different ways.

The more content that your dealership-clients produce and post on Instagram, the more opportunities they have to reach a more qualified audience…

This means that they’ll have more opportunities to drive conversions – to make more sales and more $$$. 💰

The Value of a Strong Organic Instagram Strategy

Instagram’s platform offers so many opportunities for organic growth that are more times than not, ignored.

But now you know the 4 most important reasons why your dealer-clients need an organic Instagram strategy, and how it can actually help you both maximize success with Instagram. 

All it takes is a little bit of time and effort to get the ball rolling, and there’s no time like the present. 🏁

Start encouraging your dealers to optimize their organic strategy on Instagram, and make sure they’re aware of the opportunities they’re missing without doing so. 

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Lauren Blackwell

Lauren Blackwell