BuyerBridge Budgeting Tool: Budget Your Dealer Clients’ Facebook Ads Without Limits
Written by: Lauren Blackwell
October 16, 2020
3 min read

Budgeting Facebook Ads for Your Auto Agency’s Clients

As an auto agency, dealerships often come to you with an objective, a dollar amount of what they’re willing to invest in Facebook ads, and expectations of a high return.

From there, it’s your job to figure out what the right ad budget is to achieve their objectives.  

But is there really such a thing as a “right” way when it comes to setting ad budgets for dealerships? 

When it comes to your clients money, there’s no room for mistakes! This puts a lot of pressure on agencies, and makes determining how to set ad budgets for clients a painstaking task. 

We want your agency to be #1 when it comes to setting ad budgets, which is why we created the BuyerBridge Budgeting Tool.  

The BuyerBridge Budgeting Tool helps auto agencies optimize their clients’ Facebook ad budget to improve their day-to-day life, and ultimately increases outcomes for your clients. It’s a win-win…win! 🎉

Want to see how it works in real-time? Click here to schedule a demo of the platform!

The Limitations of Budgeting Client Accounts Within Facebook 

Setting ad budgets for dealership clients isn’t the most thrilling part of being an automotive agency, but it also doesn’t have to be so troublesome!

Using Facebook Ads Manager to set your budgets may sound like the easy route, but with limited options of a Daily or Lifetime budget, keeping track of your budget is like driving down a windy road. 

Daily budgets can easily be set with Facebook Ads Manager, but the platform isn’t transparent with providing a forecast of spend vs. budget, they only briefly mention your weekly spend.

On the other hand, when using Facebook’s lifetime budget, it’s easy to set it and forget it; and before you know it, your entire budget is spent with the rest of the month remaining. Try telling that to your client! 

And if you’re an agency with more than a handful of accounts you know all too well that you have to go into EACH INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT to view and change budgets! Ouch. 

Constantly monitoring campaign performance to reallocate ad spend accordingly can be time consuming and ineffective. 👎 This steals significant time from your agency, and causes internal setbacks such as working around the clock and “oops” moments.

But these conflicts are avoidable by taking an alternative route, the best route: the BuyerBridge Facebook Budgeting Tool. 

The Solution for Budgeting Facebook Ads 

Our new Facebook Budgeting Tool will save your auto agency time, gain efficiency, and reduce churn rates for you and your customers. 

We understand how campaign performance can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis, and that your agency likely has dozens (if not hundreds!) of accounts to monitor, which is why we’ve made sure to offer more value than Facebook’s limited ad budgeting options.

The BuyerBridge Budgeting Tool allows you to view ALL of your Agency’s clients budgeting from a single screen, with indicators of where budget may be “off,” and the ability to filter by campaign type.  


All you have to do is set a Monthly Budget Goal for your dealer clients and we’ll take it from there!

Once a Monthly Budget Goal has been set, our tool automatically generates the following: Projected Spend, Spend to Date, Current Daily Budget, Average Daily Budget, Suggested Daily Budget, and Suggested Daily Adjustment. 

The Facebook Budget Report updates on a daily basis for the current month to accurately depict your client’s progress towards their budget goal in real-time.

With additional fields like Projected Spend, Spend to Date, Suggested Daily Budget, and Suggested Daily Adjustment, your agency will be able to quickly identify where all of your accounts currently stand in terms of their spend and budget goal!  

This is exactly the type of transparency that will immediately increase your agency’s efficiency in budgeting Facebook ads for clients. 

Plus, when you start seeing successful results, your clients will likely want to increase their Monthly Budget Goal, and it’s simple for you to make that change right inside of the tool! 

The BuyerBridge platform makes it painless to navigate to where you need without diverging. 

Recently, we added two new icons that make accessing your accounts Facebook Business Manager Settings and Payment Settings effortless; linking to both pages directly from the platform. 

To learn more about our most recent Budgeting Tool enhancements, click here

Key Takeaways 

The BuyerBridge Budgeting Tool along with the platform itself is designed as simple to use, but powerful in it’s proficiency. 

With this tool, you will save time, gain efficiency, and reduce churn rate for your agency and customers.

It’s not too good to be true, but rather too good to ignore!  

So just don’t… click here to request a demo and see the advantage BuyerBridge’s Facebook Budgeting Tool will provide your agency and clients both. 

The BuyerBridge platform is constantly evolving by developing new features and enhancing existing ones, all with the goal of making your agency’s day-to-day life easier. 

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Written By: Lauren Blackwell