Easily Prove Facebook ROI To Your Clients With The BuyerBridge Offline Event Uploader Tool
Written by: Lauren Blackwell
March 1, 2021
2 min read
Dealerships come to your auto agency for one thing and one thing only, to drive more unit sales from Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Your clients hand you $1 with the expectation that you’re going to turn that into $2-3. Do that, and chances are they’ll reinvest that money right back into you – talk about a win-win.

Dealers like numbers, they like facts and to see the fruits of their labor (advertising investment) in the form of results.

But metrics like # of Leads, Cost-Per-Lead, and Reach only mean so much for so long…

…so how does your agency PROVE to clients that they’ve truly made the right decision investing with YOU? That their investment was a wise one?

We’ll tell you how: offline events, AKA sales matchbacks!

Running sales matchbacks is just one of BuyerBridge’s MANY features that will make your agency’s life easier, and clients’ results better…

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The most effective way to prove Facebook ROI to your clients is by running offline event matchbacks to track unit sales back to your dealers’ Facebook ads, and we’re about to break down why.

The Beauty Behind Tracking Offline Events

Offline events are interactions with customers that take place offline (e.g., a vehicle purchase, service appointment, etc).

When someone walks into a dealership with the intention of purchasing a vehicle or receiving some type of service, oftentimes – it’s no coincidence.

Likely, there was something the customer either saw or heard that prompted them to travel to your client’s dealership. For instance, an ad on Facebook!

Did you know that your agency can actually upload your client’s CRM list, and run a matchback report that will reveal who clicked or viewed an ad before they went and bought from the dealership?

Amazing, right?!

Reporting on offline performance leaves nothing up for interpretation and can be super simple if you have the right tool, a tool like the BuyerBridge Offline Event Uploader Tool. 

The BuyerBridge Offline Event Uploader Tool 

Our Offline Event Uploader Tool enables agencies to upload offline events and evaluate attribution of those events to their advertising investments on Facebook – directly within the BuyerBridge Platform.

We wanted to create a tool that provides value-added benefits beyond those available with Facebook, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Download customer data.
  2. Prepare and upload.
  3. View results! 

The Offline Performance Report includes: 

  • Total Offline Purchase Events: The number of events that occurred in the given time period.
  • Attribution Window Matrix: How the customers’ events you uploaded could be attributed to ads on Facebook (viewed an ad and did not click, viewed and did click on an ad)(1 day, 7 days, 28 days). 
  • Events Attributed to Facebook ads: The number of MATCHED events that occurred in the given time period.
  • Cost Per: The accounts ad spend over a select time period, over the # of events attributed to Facebook ads. 

The results generated in the BuyerBridge Offline Performance Report enable agencies to prove ROI to clients with facts like, “in the past 90 days, 272 units sold were attributed to your advertising efforts on Facebook, at a cost of $239.22 per unit sold.

Meaning, $239.22 of your dealer’s ad spend is all it took to result in a vehicle purchase…talk about a return on their investment. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being able to tell a dealer that the ads you ran for them resulted in a concrete number of units sold!

The BuyerBridge Offline Event Uploader Tool makes the process of uploading offline events simple and provides your agency with a way to generate matchback rates more efficiently than with Facebook.

Key Takeaways

For many reasons (especially the current changes happening on Facebook), offline events are more important than ever

Through tracking Offline Events, your agency will be able to track the effectiveness of campaigns at the Ad Level.

And by using BuyerBridge’s Offline Event Uploader Tool, it’s EASY, FAST, and ACCURATE!

Don’t miss out on all of the inventive ways the BuyerBridge Platform continues to add value for both your agency and clients.

Click here to schedule a demo and see how your agency will prove undeniable ROI to your dealer clients, PLUS increase their ad spend with you. 

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Written By: Lauren Blackwell