What is Omnichannel

Want to put your dealer clients’ customers at the center of EVERYTHING? You’re in the right place…Omnichannel is THE customer and user-driven advertising strategy that focuses on the individual user instead of a specific channel.

Remove Limitations

Build your dealer clients’ presence in multiple areas online to keep their ads in front of in-market auto shoppers where they are spending time – every time! 

Maximize Opportunities

Unlock more opportunities for ad personalization that drives conversion and help dealers take advantage of cross-channel micro-targeting.

97%+ of traffic will NOT convert on the first interaction.

Omnichannel Retargeting

With Omnichannel retargeting, your dealer clients’ ads will follow users as they engage on different channels and until they take the desired action OR fall out of their shopper score.

Why Go Omnichannel

More channels = More awareness = More opportunities for entry!


There’s a shopper who’s looking for an F-150 and their initial interaction is through Facebook… they don’t log back into Facebook for 5 days after, but during those 5 days, they’re ALL active on Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, etc…

Omnichannel enables agencies to:

Dynamically Retarget

Dynamically retarget users through other engines where they are spending time


Re-engage that user back (back to the dealer’s site) with other types of inventory

Deliver Great Experience

Bring that customer back into that experience!

Put your dealer client’s customer at the center of everything and utilize multiple channels to help your client maximize their reach and leave no lead untouched!

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