AdTech and Omnichannel Resources For Agencies

Digital Dealer 2022 Live Session Recording + Slides

Watch our live session, “Is Your Ad Strategy Set Up For Scale? 6 Questions To Put It To The Test,” and discover how to take any dealers ad strategy back to basics – before it breaks!  

Snapchat Organic Guide

Give dealers an easy way to build their organic presence on Snapchat with simple steps, best practices and key principles that will help them to reach more in-market auto shoppers in a “Snap!”

Facebook Organic Guide

Find out everything your agency needs to know to help dealers leverage Facebook for organic content, optimize their Facebook organic strategy, and increase their brand awareness!

Instagram Organic Guide

Obtain Instagram organic best practices, pro-tips and more – all specifically designed to help your agency’s dealer-clients take their organic strategy on Instagram to the next level, easily!


Free MarketAnalyzer tool: Easily identify which social channels are relevant to your client’s market, and how your agency will maximize their target audience + ad spend across various channels.

Unbeatable Buyback Strategies

Get this ready-to-run resource that’s locked and loaded with  campaign strategy, ad creative, and audience targeting to help your agency solve low inventory for dealers, ASAP!

On-Demand Demo

WATCH NOW: Go behind the scenes of BuyerBridge and get an exclusive look inside of the most powerful Omnisocial AdTech platform for automotive agencies & resellers.

5 Core Facebook Ad Campaigns

Learn the 5 Facebook Ad Campaign strategies every auto agency needs to create a bulletproof strategy for dealership clients, including: which audiences to target and Facebook best practices!

About BuyerBridge:

At BuyerBridge, we build AdTech that helps businesses scale and make more $$$.

Our AdTech platform is leading the charge for automated, omnisocial advertising and account management across top channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.