10 Must-Know Social Media Advertising Stats for Agencies In 2022

In the past, it was easy for us to identify where shoppers were spending time.

(Remember the good ol’ days with 3 TV networks?)

Now, we have to work harder to figure out where our clients’ audiences are. And while every audience is different, we know one thing is undeniable:

Consumers are using social media.

So where are your client’s audiences likely spending time? How do shoppers engage with the platform? And—most importantly—which social media platforms should your clients be on yesterday?

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Let’s dive into the top social media stats every agency needs to know in 2022. Feel free to use the links below to jump to each platform:

Social Media Usage Statistics & What They Mean

1. The average person has 8 social media channels and spends 2.5 hrs/day on social.  

You might be thinking that the social media usage of Gen Z and Millenials has played a huge role in the above statistic – but those aren’t the only generations active on social media. 

A whopping ~81% of the U.S population are social media users and use at least 1 social media channel.

And of all the internet users in the U.S, those aged 16-64 spend an average of 2 hours and 14 minutes/day on social media. 

Whether your client’s audience is Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, young Boomers, etc. – they’re somewhere on social media, you just have to find them…

2. In 2022, social media video ad spending will grow by 20.1% to $24.35 billion.

What’s up with the sudden shift in social media video ad spending? And what does it mean for your client’s ads?

Well for starters, video is probably the easiest form of information consumption, given that it’s more engaging by nature and generally feels like less “work.”

Why else would ~50% of social media users prefer video over other types of content?!

And with 85% of social media users wanting more videos from brands, it’s time to lean in…

So if you’ve yet to jump on the video train, let this sink in 👉   88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

3. 49% of internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands they see advertised on social media.

Have you ever seen an ad on social media for a product or service that you didn’t know you needed, but definitely wanted? 

I can’t even count the number of times I personally have been scrolling through social and discovered a brand or product that I ended up purchasing…

…Almost all of which were brands and products that I had NO idea even existed!

This is exactly why running ads on social media is a great way to maximize any brand’s reach and are so successful at turning shoppers into buyers. 

4. Internet users spend 33% of their time spent on a social media site or app.

Would you believe me if I said that the amount of time adults spend with digital media daily is more time than the time in a full 9-5, 480-minute workday?

482 minutes. That’s the average amount of time that people who are 18+ YO spend with digital media PER DAY.

And one-third of that time is purely devoted to social media. 

But this is a good thing for advertisers – it means that there is more than enough time each day to reach any target audience and proves just how suitable social media is for running ads. 

Facebook & Instagram

6. The average Facebook user clicks approximately 12 ads/month.

There’s simply no denying that Facebook provides businesses with a SEA full of opportunities.

With almost 3 billion users on the social giant’s platform per month,  we can guesstimate that each month, roughly 36 BILLION ads are clicked…

But just because Facebook has the highest number of active users, doesn’t mean results are guaranteed.

A lot of it is making sure that you know who your audience is on Facebook – do you?

And that’s not all, it’s important to create chemistry between your audience and ads – a total combination of targeted messaging, placements, etc.

Long story short, in terms of Facebook, it’s not a matter of IF there are opportunities, it’s a matter of HOW to maximize the opportunities on Facebook to get YOUR ad clicked.

7. 500+ million people interact with Instagram Stories DAILY.

The infamous Instagram Stories…are you 1 of those 500+ million who interact with IG Stories on the regular? I am…and by regular I really mean daily – if not hourly. 😅

So when I read that Images in Stories have a 5.65% higher tap-forward rate than videos, I wasn’t shocked – because I must admit that I contribute to that tap-forward rate. 

But why does the tap-forward rate matter? Because it means that users are less engaged with Stories if they’re full of images.

If you or your client are backing Instagram Stories with $$$,  the focus should be content that’s video-forward to drive the best results.


8. 40% of Snapchat users do not use alternative social platforms on any given day.

If almost half of Snapchat users are ONLY using Snapchat – how will your client ever reach them?

They won’t, but their competition surely will…

Without Snapchat Ads being a part of your client’s advertising strategy, they’re giving their competition easy access to a huge chunk of their market.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help your clients potentially reach 40% more in-market shoppers.


9. Potential reach of TikTok Ads is 50.3% of adults in the U.S.

TikTok is the most-downloaded app in the iOS App Store, with over 70 million downloads worldwide.

AND TikTok has been the top app by U.S downloads every. single. quarter since Q1 2021. 

So it comes as no surprise that in the past 2 years, TikTok has penetrated the social media market and pulled off a 105% user growth rate in the US, taking the title of the fastest-growing social network.

But what may surprise you is that the majority of TikTok’s audience in the US are adults: 83% of TikTok’s audience are over the age of 18YO and 34% are over 25YO!

More importantly, TikTok ads have the potential to reach over ½ of the adults in the US (~131 million people).

And the audience on TikTok is super engaged, with engagement rates that blow competing video-based media platforms out of the water!

  • TikTok In-Feed Ads achieve 23% higher detail memory than TV ads
  • TikTok TopView ads outperformed TV by 40%

If there’s any time to start running TikTok ads for your clients, it’s now – BEFORE their competition beats them to the platform. 


10. 45% of people in the US with a HH income over $100K are on Pinterest! 

In lamens terms: Pinterest reaches the most users with HH income > $100K,  providing your clients with the unique opportunity to reach what’s considered the upper-middle-class…

An audience who is less hesitant to pull the trigger on purchasing your client’s product/service, and are 40% more likely to say they love shopping!

Users go on Pinterest to be inspired and to discover – which is why it’s no surprise that  80% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.

And your clients need to take advantage of the opportunity to be present on the platform that 7 in 10 users consider their “go-to” place to find products or services that they trust. 

Key Takeaways

Social media is the one and only place where you can be CERTAIN to reach any target audience. It continues to grow in the number of users and amount of time being spent.

It’s by far the most powerful (and plentiful) advertising medium – no matter the industry or vertical…

There’s an opportunity for every business on social media, and if you or your client’s business isn’t taking full advantage of it…you’re missing the mark.

And there is NO reason why any ad spend should be allocated toward a platform unless you know WHO is on the platform – which is why you need to access our free MarketAnalyzer tool here to find out.

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Lauren Blackwell

Lauren Blackwell