Place your dealer’s inventory in the spotlight with scroll-stopping ads on TikTok.


TikTok Automotive Inventory Ads will dynamically generate single image + video ads from your dealer clients’ product imagery that rotate every 4-6 videos. Help dealers achieve fast growth and the highest visibility with TikTok’s advanced content discovery process that delivers new content to prospects and retargets them based on their viewing preferences/usage.

Smart Targeting

Maximize your dealer clients’ ROI by placing ads in front of their most significant audiences and targeting auto shoppers from their DMA narrowed down to specific demographics.


Maximize Engagement

TikTok creates constant cycles of engagement with short-form, sound-on video formats, which is why it’s the most popular platform for information density.

  • TikTok engagement rates blow competing video-based media platforms out of the water!
    • TikTok In-Feed Ads achieve 23% higher detail memory than TV ads
    • TikTok TopView ads outperformed TV by 40%.
  • 83% of TikTok’s audience in the US are over 18YO and 34% are over 25YO!
  • Users spend an average of 89 minutes on the platform every day (providing an optimal opportunity for dealers to get in front of the freshest generations of potential car buyers)!

  • To help your clients build an instant connection: TikTok delivers ads in a way and at a moment when your dealers’ audience will be most receptive to their messaging.

Quickly Deploy TikTok Ad Campaigns

Add TikTok Inventory Ad Campaigns to your client’s ad strategy & go to market with ready-to-deploy, fully optimized TikTok ad campaigns that turn their new/used inventory into engaging ads…all with the click of a button.

  • Dealer specific campaign strategy 
  • Engaging ad creative
  • Captivating ad copy
  • Precise audience targeting


Turn Inventory Into TikTok Product Catalogs

Track User Activity With Intelligent Automation

BuyerBridge EventFlow is a lead tracking feature that integrates with TikTok’s Pixel to track website shoppers and their behavior; from phone clicks and form submissions to scroll distance and carousel interactions.

  • Captures full-funnel events, from a user’s initial website visit through mid-funnel events like interacting with a VDP all the way to various forms of conversion, and sends the data back to TikTok for retargeting + to optimize for the algorithm of the platform.


  • Ensures that all events captured include any vehicle in context, if available, to make future dynamic advertising efforts on TikTok more customized + powerful!


  • Identifies search events/commonalities to send TikTok categorical keywords, like: used vehicles, used fords, new sedans, etc.

  • Gathers key auto shopper insights that enable retargeting on TikTok + cross-channel retargeting to maximize your dealer client’s reach and meet users.

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Be present on multiple channels to reach the right user, with the right message, at the right time, where they are spending time! Remove limitations and unlock more opportunities for ad personalization that drives conversion + take advantage of cross-channel micro-targeting.

Done-For-You Dynamic Reporting

Understand the full picture of your dealer clients’ ad performance on TikTok with our real-time dynamic reporting. Gain access to critical data from our TikTok Dashboard that makes it easy for your agency to prove TikTok ROI to your clients!

Individual Channel Report

Dive deep into the results of your dealer clients’ ads on TikTok and explore metrics ranging from Impressions to Cost Per Conversion.

Aggregate Report

Compare your dealer clients’ TikTok overall stats with other active platforms to better understand their cross-channel ad performance.

Overall Stats

Access full-funnel stats on your dealer clients’ TikTok Inventory ads to quickly establish the performance of their ads on TikTok.

Custom PDF ReportBuilder

Build custom PDF reports for your dealer clients’ ad performance on TikTok. Decide which metrics, how to show them + more!

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