Facebook Ad Automation for Auto Agencies: The BuyerBridge Playbook Library
Written by: Lauren Blackwell
December 21, 2020
3 min read

Building Facebook Ad Campaigns Isn’t Simple

We can all agree that manually building out Facebook ad campaigns takes a TON of time.

After deciding on a dealership’s campaign strategy and honing in on their target audience, then designing ad creative and curating their message…your team is already maxed out! 🥴

And when your business is repeating this process for dozens of dealers who have various objectives in mind, and on multiple platforms, it’s simply unscalable. 

Luckily, there’s a better way: The BuyerBridge Playbook Library, the ultimate solution for automated Facebook Ads!

Click here to create a bulletproof Facebook ad strategy for dealers using 5 Facebook ad strategies that we KNOW work.

How BuyerBridge Playbooks Work

So what are Playbooks?

👉BuyerBridge Playbooks are full-blown ad campaigns at your fingertips, preset with audience targeting, ad creative, copy, AND campaign strategy for any dealer, no matter their goal. 

Each Playbook is built out head-to-toe with a different dealership objective in mind – for example, convincing users to sell their vehicles back to a dealer. 

And every Playbook is full of ads that can be deployed in ONE click of a button, to help your clients get to market FAST.

Right now, advertising automation via Playbooks is only available for Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns, but soon BuyerBridge will have Ad Playbooks for other platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok! 

Playbooks can include anywhere from 5-50 different ads, with a combination of single image ads, carousels, videos — all using best practices for Facebook & Instagram and optimized for the platform.

Deploying a BuyerBridge Playbook is done in 3 simple steps: 1) Select your Playbook, 2) Choose a targeting radius, and 3) Set your budget!

From there, we’ll start building the ad campaigns behind-the-scenes in your Facebook Ad Account, which takes just a few minutes.

Then use our budgeting tool, reporting, and monitoring systems to optimize and track your clients’ results!

The BuyerBridge team is working hard to apply the same methodology to additional advertising platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok coming soon – so stay tuned! 

130+ Playbooks: A Solution for Every Dealer

We currently offer Facebook Ad Playbooks that range from Automotive Inventory Ads (On or Off-Facebook) and OEM-Specific (Branding + Service), to Model-Lines, Custom Order + MORE.

And our team continues to roll out new Facebook Ad Playbooks at an unbelievable rate!

(In the past 2 months alone, we’ve added 50 new Playbooks to the platform!)

Each Playbook includes different types of Campaigns, including Prospecting, Retargeting, Lead Gen, Reach, and Traffic.

Maybe your dealer-client wants to boost their fixed-ops revenue, drive more leads ASAP, OR maybe their low on inventory and want to entice vehicle owners to trade-in their vehicle…

Our Playbooks are diverse, offering an abundance of strategies, so whatever a dealership’s goal may be, BuyerBridge has a Playbook that offers a solution. 

Due to inventory shortages, the most popular Playbooks for auto dealers are for vehicle acquisition: Custom Order, Pre-Order, and Buyback / Lease Pull-Ahead campaigns!




In the BuyerBridge platform, we make it easy to filter Playbooks by OEM Brand, Campaign Focus, or Campaign Type.

…AND with the Library’s INSTANT ad previews, you can look at what’s inside of the playbooks, and you don’t have to wonder what your client’s ads are going to look like. 

Be “Un-Fireable” With BuyerBridge Ad Automation

Your agency’s plate is full enough as it is.

Our Playbooks can make your day-to-day life just a little easier with Facebook ad automation.

Plus, since our Playbooks are tested and optimized for Facebook & Instagram best practices, you’ll be un-fireable. 

With BuyerBridge, there’s a way for your agency and dealers to both get ahead of your competition.

Click here to see inside the 5 core Facebook ad campaign strategies our Playbooks are based on, complete with image, targeting, and copy ideas! 

5 Core Facebook Ad Campaigns

Create a Bulletproof Ad Strategy and Start Maximizing Results From Your Dealer-Clients Facebook Ad Campaigns.

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Written By: Lauren Blackwell