BuyerBridge 2022 Annual Recap

A Look Back At 2022

What a year! 2022 was packed with growth, from our partners and platform to our company and company culture.

Before we jump into the new year and all that lies ahead, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and recognize “wins,” whether they’re big or small, personal or professional. 💪

And this blog is our way of doing exactly that. Let’s take a little look back at the past 365 days, and remember some positive moments for BuyerBridge as a company and the individuals behind our powerful AdTech!

January 2022

  • We started a bi-weekly coffee club, where our team sips on a cup of delicious “jo” together and has virtual break room chats. Shout out to everyone in our Culture Club! 
  • Ad ops and creative pushed out 13 brand-new Playbooks for every dealer’s model-line needs!
  • Omnichannel Advertising in BuyerBridge was officially set LIVE – which means that users can now deploy, and manage ads across not only Facebook & Instagram, but Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest as well.

February 2022

    March 2022

    • We had a March Madness company bracket – congrats to Partner Experience Manager, Rachel Barker, on building a first-place winning bracket!
    • Sidnei Lechado joined our dev team as a full-stack developer
    • Our entire team flew down to Sarasota, FL for a 3-day company retreat, where we held team-building exercises, workshops, outdoor activities, and more! 

    April 2022

    • Did you know that 40% of Snapchat users do NOT use alternative social platforms on any given day? That’s why it’s critical for all dealers to have an organic presence on Snapchat, and we created 2 assets to help.
    • Dev made changes to our powerful MarketAnalyzer tool so that it can be Whitelabeled so  that the tool can be leveraged by our Partners as their own. Try the MarketAnalyzer tool!
    • An eggciting 😉 competition took place, where we had each team member paint an egg and we voted which one was the best…which to no surprise, our Social Media Designer, Samantha’s, Mona Lisa egg took 1st place. 

    May 2022

    • Our ENTIRE Playbook Library was opened for deployment across ANY available social channel: Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest.
    • We published a blog to educate auto agencies on the top 10 social media stats they need to know in 2022: Read Blog
    • New videos were added to the BuyerBridge YouTube channel! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.
    • Our UI / UX Designer, Nathan, got MARRIED! Congratulations again, Nathan! 💒 
    • BuyerBridge had the honor of presenting our first ever LIVE workshop, “Is Your Ad Strategy Set Up For Scale? 6 Questions To Put It To The Test,” at Digital Dealer 2022 in Tampa! Watch a replay of our presentation now.

    June 2022

    • With so many Playbooks in the Playbook Library, we provided a way to filter Playbooks by Channel, Type, Brand, Focus, and more!
    • BuyerBridge’s Director of Ad Operations, Phil M, popped the question and got ENGAGED!! 💍
    • Our Co-Op specialist, Murray H, welcomed a baby-girl into the world.
    • We made some big changes to our platform so that it is “all inclusive” for all industries, not just automotive! Learn more here.

    July 2022

    • Our first “Trade-Pending” Playbook was released. 
    • We amplified the existing Account Settings section of the dashto include an Account Branding section, plus allow users to make customizations to their personal information. 
    • One of our most exciting projects yet was launched, the BuyerBridge Campaign Management Tool – think of it as “ONE single Ads Manager to rule them all”

    August 2022

    • Dev rolled out a new feature where BuyerBridge users can upload any image as their User Profile Icon within BuyerBridge – PLUS, make changes to their Username, Password, and Email Address.
    • Product and Dev worked together to offer Organization’s the option to add Organization Branding, and additional advantages for Whitelabeled users. 
    • We gave auto agencies the ultimate 6-Question Ad Test to help them scale their social ads with a proven ad strategy that will work every time: Read blog.
    • After doing a deep dive into how users leverage BuyerBridge, we determined that Aleena B was our TOP user of the BuyerBridge platform within the previous 60 days. 
    • Our Director of Ad Operations, Phil M, tied the knot, taking on another important role as “husband!” 
    • BuyerBridge Support Analyst, Eugene M, got officially Facebook Blueprint Certified! Huge success – thank you for learning and leading!

    September 2022

    • We revealed the “6 Ways Auto Agencies Use BuyerBridge To Help Dealers Dominate Social.
    • Technical content creator, Miranda K, welcomed a baby boy – so exciting! 
    • Hurricane Ian hit South Florida, the hub of BuyerBridge’s team…luckily, our other team members jumped right in, helping out with tasks where needed and even providing other team-mates with power. Everyone stayed safe and even made the best of it!
      • Eric and his family built the ultimate hurricane-proof tent
      • Nathan and his family took advantage of the time offline with card games!
      • Katelyn welcomed Brooke into her home for power…and breakfast! 🥓  

    October 2022

    • One of our “agency partners for life,” gushed about BuyerBridge in an AMAZING review. Check it out 👇 

    • Our Marketing team launched a brand-new educational series, the  Automotive Nomadic Customer Series…and they pushed out a TON of exciting content surrounding the #1 most unreachable car shopper today: 

    November 2022

    • We published a new blog to inform auto marketers about how the Automotive Nomadic Customer is costing them money, read: “Is This Car Shopper Costing You Money?”
    • Marketing released a 4-question quiz to help auto marketers identify important gaps in ANY digital media strategy, and fill those gaps using our 20 free Business Profile Setup guides.  
    • Did you attend the State of Automotive? It’s a HUGE virtual event with some of the best minds in the Automotive and Digital Marketing industries…including BuyerBridge’s CEO, Pete Petersen, and VP of Product, Danny Watts!

    • Our VP of Marketing, Brooke, got ENGAGED! 👰‍♀️🏕
    • We’re furthering our expansion efforts for Canada, which is why we had to seize the opportunity to add Snapchat expert, Kevin O’Rourke, to our team!
    • Team members in Sarasota gathered together to support student scholarships at the University of South Florida’s event, Brunch on the Bay,  where our company was sponsors!

    December 2022

    • The team has been working long and hard on building our most exciting tools yet, the Ad Launcher and Ad Builder, which  FINALLY got released into Beta. Here’s what our Partners are saying about the tools: “This is great,” “A game-changer,” “Can’t wait to use this!”
    • Partner Manager, Amy I, got married and took some time to celebrate in Costa Rica!
    • Sarah, our Partner Experience Manager, announced that she will be welcoming a baby into the world in 2023. HUGE congrats! 👶🛼
    • We welcomed a brand new VP of Business Development and Strategic partnerships, Ali Fawaz, to the team.   
    • Our Automotive Nomadic Customer Series continued, with live webinar #2: “5 Digital Strategies Proven to Catch & Convert the Automotive Nomadic Customer” 
    • BuyerBridge’s annual Gingerbread Contest was a HIT, and wow do we have some talented, creative people on our team. Hagrid’s Hut took home gold! 

    2023 Is Here

    Overall, 2022 was a great year, where we continued to both learn and grow in an effort to better help our Partners drive success via social media ads.

    Collectively, our team added over 180 new Playbooks and released 30+ brand-new product features / enhancements. 

    Thank you to all who played a part in making the past year so memorable, and Happy New Year! 

    Lauren Blackwell

    Lauren Blackwell