The [NEW] BuyerBridge Playbook Library + 31 Playbooks: Ready-To-Deploy Facebook Ad Campaigns for Your Agency’s Dealer Clients
Written by: Lauren Blackwell
December 21, 2020
3 min read

Introducing: The BuyerBridge Playbook Library + 31 Playbooks! 🎉

Creating successful advertising campaigns for dozens of clients takes up A LOT of your auto agency’s time.

From deciding on each dealership’s campaign strategy, to the creative and copy of the ads, to figuring out which audience is best to target…your agency’s day is suddenly consumed.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your auto agency could go to market with Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns that are ready-to-deploy and completely optimized?

If you could instantly set live campaigns with creative, copy, campaign strategy AND audience targeting?! 🤯

It WOULD be, which is why the BuyerBridge team has been working behind-the-scenes to provide exactly that: meet The BuyerBridge Playbook Library + 31 Playbooks!

The BuyerBridge Playbooks are the answer for your agency and clients both. Click here to request a demo and check out how the BuyerBridge platform will be a total game changer.

You might be thinking, what even are Playbooks?

BuyerBridge’s Playbooks create full-blown ad campaigns that are built out head-to-toe and can be deployed in ONE click of a button. Boom, just like that…

💡  Campaign strategy? Check.
🎨  Ad creative? Check.
🗣  Ad copy? Check.
🎯  Audience targeting? Check.

…and the coolest part is, every campaign uses best practices for Facebook & Instagram and is totally optimized for your dealer clients objective.

📈  Increased outcomes? CHECK!

A Look Inside The 31 Playbooks

The main Playbook categories so far are:

  • Automotive Inventory Ads (On-Facebook, Off-Facebook, Off-Facebook Full Funnel, Lead Gen)
  • OEM Branding (Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Toyota)
  • OEM Service (Quick Lane, Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Toyota)

…with many more to come!

We just launched 19 NEW Playbooks into the dashboard and will continue adding more. Click here for a high level overview of each and every one of them.

Each Playbook is developed based on a variety of campaign objectives, including Prospecting, Retargeting, Lead Generation, Reach, and Traffic!

Maybe your dealer client wants to boost their fixed-ops revenue, drive more leads ASAP, or is low on inventory and wants to entice their audience to trade-in or sell their vehicle back to them.

All 31 of our Playbooks are diverse, offering an abundance of strategies, so no matter what your dealer client’s objectives are, we have the right Playbook for them.

NOTE: We even made sure to create a Playbook with messaging around At-Home service and digital retailing to help dealerships continue driving outcomes during this unprecedented time.

Click here to schedule time to check out our Playbooks for yourself and hear about everything they will do to make your agency’s life easier, and dealer clients happier.

Easily Find The Right Playbook With The New BuyerBridge Playbook Library

We’re super pumped that our precious Playbooks now have a place to call home: The NEW Playbook Library!

You’d think that 31 Playbooks in one place would be chaotic, but think again!

We’ve done all the work on the back end so that navigating around the Playbook Library isn’t a rough experience, because we know your agency’s plate is full.

You can filter by OEM Brand, Campaign Focus, along with Campaign Type, which makes things easier than ever for your agency.

…AND with the Library’s INSTANT ad previews, you won’t have to expect the unexpected when it comes to what your clients’ ad creative, copy, and campaign types will look like.

So many Playbooks with so many factors that play into each can get slightly overwhelming, yet our Playbook Library makes things super straightforward and uncomplicated for your agency.

Click here to book a demo and find out about the platform and Playbooks that will help your agency drive results for dealers – without difficulty!

Secure Your Agency’s & Clients’ Place In The Race

Your agency’s plate is full enough as is, and our goal is to make your day-to-day life as painless as possible!

BuyerBridge’s Playbook Library + Playbooks makes possibilities limitless for your dealership clients!

The performance of your clients’ advertisements is a complete and utter reflection of the performance of your agency.

Don’t lose against other agency’s in the race of going to market. Be fast and be accurate, because you can.

There’s a way you can get ahead of others in the race, right now!

Click here to request a demo to see how efficient your agency will be using the BuyerBridge platform for our Playbooks and even more.

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Written By: Lauren Blackwell