Reach Automotive Nomadic Customers Once and For All With This Proven Advertising Strategy

Previously in our Automotive Nomadic Customer series, we’ve uncovered that these customers present a real problem for car dealers today.

Constantly jumping from place to place on the internet makes these car shoppers difficult to track down, and making it so they have little to no attachment to any specific app (or brand) itself.

We know that the average shopper today has 40 mobile apps on their phone and 89% of their total time is split between 18 apps.

And, we know that social media and chat apps are #1 when it comes to where mobile US users spend the most time.

This means that dealers are forced to *try* to be everywhere that Nomadic Customers are in order to reach them…which leads to ineffective “spray-and-pray” advertising.

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But is there a proven ad strategy to reach these unreachable customers, without spraying and praying?


Most dealers love Facebook and Instagram’s targeting capabilities, but you should be aware that without a true omni-social strategy, many automotive intenders in your market will never put you in their consideration set when it comes time to purchase. 


Because you missed them on the 6 other apps they’re using outside of Meta.

The Proven Omnichannel Advertising Strategy

The most effective strategy for reaching Nomadic Customers is to implement an Omnichannel advertising approach across social media. 

Omnichannel is THE customer and user-driven advertising strategy that focuses on the individual user instead of a specific channel.

Remember, instead of using 1 or 2 social apps consistently, automotive Nomadic Customers dabble in various apps unpredictably.

Nomadic Customers spend their time roaming social media in pursuit of value – they go to Pinterest to be inspired, Facebook and Instagram to catch up with acquaintances, TikTok to be entertained, Snapchat to have more intimate interactions with their closest friends!

And that’s why an Omnichannel approach is the most efficient for dealers, because it removes limitations set by Automotive Nomadic Customers and maximizes opportunities on social media!

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can be used to target nomadic customers based on their location, interests, and behavior – which will help dealerships to reach potential customers who are in the market for a new vehicle and are in the area. 

Advantages of the Proven Omnichannel Advertising Strategy

Implementing an Omnichannel advertising strategy has several advantages, like: increasing  customer engagement and retention, market share, brand loyalty, and ultimately sales and revenue for dealerships.

It also provides auto marketers with an avenue to reach Nomadic Customers at every touchpoint in their journey, improving the chances of converting prospects into customers and customers into customers for life.

{{Additionally, with the use of customer data and analytics, businesses can create personalized and relevant content that resonates with their target audience, leading to a better ROAI.}}

But here’s the catch: it’s not just about being on all of the channels – in order to truly reach the right user with the right message at the right time, you need the right technology backing you…

Technology that enables all advertising channels to listen to one another and talk back. Technology like BuyerBridge’s EventFlow. 

Omnichannel & BuyerBridge EventFlow

For an Omnichannel strategy to be efficient, it’s critical to track user activity across all active advertising channels and gather key audience insights that will further optimize a dealer’s ads. 

With Omnichannel retargeting, any dealers’s ads will follow users as they engage on different channels and until they take the desired action OR fall out of their shopper score.

But again, this isn’t a simple task – it takes a powerful tool that integrates with the Pixels/Tags of a dealer’s advertising channels and gathers data to be shared across platforms. 

Luckily, BuyerBridge’s EventFlow feature was designed to do exactly that. 

BuyerBridge EventFlow is a channel-specific event tracking feature that tracks website shoppers and their behavior, establishes critical events that take place before/after a user takes action, and sends key data back to active channels to increase conversion rates for your client’s and make their ads more powerful + efficient.

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Key Takeaways

Nomadic Customers are unpredictable, and for most auto marketers, reaching them is a challenging, frustrating task…

But by implementing an Omnichannel advertising strategy, businesses can effectively reach and engage with these customers. 

And by targeting customers across multiple social channels, dealerships will increase the chances of reaching and retaining Nomadic Customers. 

Furthermore, the use of customer data and analytics can lead to a better ROI and a more personalized approach. We encourage you to implement this strategy and see the benefits it can bring to your business.

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Lauren Blackwell

Lauren Blackwell