A Free Tool For Agencies: Unlock Facebook Opportunities In Any Dealer’s Market
Written by: Lauren Blackwell
August 24, 2020
5 min read

🎉 Introducing: Free MarketAnalyzer Tool For Automotive Agencies

Our new MarketAnalyzer app is a free tool developed by BuyerBridge to help your automotive agency show dealership prospects the power of Facebook by offering them key insights about their market.

Before, your agency would need to go through the motions of setting up an Ad Account and using Facebook Ads Manager to find out your dealership clients’ targeting potential and audience reach.

You also would have to request unique access to third party data providers if you wanted to include credit score targeting or In-Market Shopper audiences.

Now, agencies can use the MarketAnalyzer to discover and validate more opportunities on Facebook for dealers in any market, in real-time.

How The MarketAnalyzer Works 

All you have to do is visit https://buyerbridge.io/resource/free-market-analyzer-tool, input your prospective or current client’s street address, and preferred geo targeting, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Did you know? You can also download the MarketAnalyzer as a Desktop app! Get started and see how. 

Selecting a Primary radius helps your dealership clients establish the opportunity available within their immediate PMA/AOR.

But, since many In-Market auto shoppers are willing to both wait and travel for the vehicle they want, the MarketAnalyzer tool includes a Secondary Market radius.

This helps expand the radius of your client’s geographic targeting, and ultimately, maximize the total number of opportunities in their market.


The MarketAnalyzer Tool will reveal: 

  • Total Facebook Users You Can Reach within your client’s Primary and Secondary radius and User Demographics such as gender and age. Understanding more about your audience on Facebook will help determine the best way to reach and resonate with them.

  • The Total # of In-Market Auto Shoppers your clients can reach within their Primary and Secondary Market radius. These numbers are pulled from Oracle Data Cloud with POLK / IHS Markit data and establish how many Facebook users are likely to purchase within 3 months – 1 year!

  • User Credit Scores are broken down into the following credit tiers: “Up & Coming, “Established, and “Thriving. Depending on the credit score of the shopper, you can help your dealer clients deliver the right message, such as showing luxury vehicles to higher credit tiers, and financing options to lower tiers.

Once your clients see their report, help them understand the data in terms of their store’s success.

Can they change their messaging so that it’s more in-line with their market’s demographics and age groups? 

Does their market’s Credit Score intel indicate a certain ad strategy, such as more financing programs, or a focus on higher-end models

Armed with this information, agencies can educate dealers on the benefits of utilizing data-driven solutions on Facebook and Instagram.

More viable opportunities on Facebook means more ad revenue for you, and more results for your dealers!


The Advantage Your Agency Needs 

What if I told you that you could use our innovative MarketAnalyzer tool, and brand it as your own? 

Both dealerships and agencies want to increase their sales opportunities, and BuyerBridge knows that!

That’s why we’ve made “whitelabeling” our MarketAnalyzer tool available for your agency to use  as a Lead Magnet of your own.  

With whitelabeling, you can:

  • Add your own domain, brand colors and logo
  • Use a lead magnet to gain more leads and prospects
  • Remove all references to buyerbridge.io

Reach out to your BuyerBridge Account Manager to learn more about how you can whitelabel our MarketAnalyzer tool.

The MarketAnalyzer provides your agency with actionable information to present your clients with, giving you both the chance to pursue additional conversations about how Facebook Advertising can work for their dealership.

Don’t underestimate the power of a digital tool. Click here to Unlock The MarketAnalyzer Tool for free and see its capabilities for yourself.

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Written By: Lauren Blackwell