New Facebook Marketplace Listing Solution: The BuyerBridge Marketplace Management Tool
Written by: Lauren Blackwell
September 21, 2021
4 min read

Before September 13th, we had it pretty easy: Both dealers and agencies could post + manage inventory on Facebook Marketplace at scale, 100% automated.

But little did we know, that was all about to change…

The Problem: Facebook Marketplace Listing Automation Deprecation

As of September 13th, 2021, Facebook has discontinued the distribution of inventory partner catalog listings on Facebook Marketplace.

You’re probably thinking “WHY?!,” and you’re not alone…

Here’s what we can tell you:

  • According to Facebook, this shift is due to recent consumer trends and increased demand on Facebook for shipped goods with an onsite checkout.
  • Facebook is choosing to prioritize and reallocate internal product resources to meet this demand.

But what does this mean for agencies and their dealer clients?

Well, say goodbye to bulk uploads and maintaining dealership Marketplace listings at scale through the use of Marketplace catalogs. 🥵

As an alternative, Facebook will be encouraging manual uploads to Marketplace through the “Manage Inventory” tab on their Business Page.

Don’t panic, because while Facebook is encouraging manual uploads to Marketplace as an alternative, we have recently built a new Facebook Marketplace solution!

Introducing: the BuyerBridge Marketplace Management Tool. 👋

The Solution: BuyerBridge’s Marketplace Management Tool

We’re so excited to be able to provide agencies and their dealer clients with a Facebook Marketplace solution to help:

  • Evaluate a dealer’s current inventory
  • Run that information against what has actually been posted on Marketplace
  • And generate what we refer to as “Marketplace Tasks.”

While this Marketplace solution requires a bit of manual lifting from your agency (or clients), it drastically reduces the time it takes to identify, post, update, and delete dealer listings.

BuyerBridge generates “Marketplace Tasks” that make it easier for you (or your dealers) to understand exactly which vehicle listings have sold, were recently updated, or need to be added…

…saving users potentially hundreds of hours sorting through dealership inventory/DMS systems.

Go inside our new Marketplace Management Tool here!

The Marketplace Management Tool solves multiple pain points when it comes to listing vehicle inventory on Marketplace:

How The Marketplace Management Tool Works

Want to skip the reading and see how it works? WATCH NOW: BuyerBridge Marketplace Management Tool Walkthrough 👀  👇

Adding, updating, or deleting listings on Marketplace using the Marketplace Management Tool is as easy as it will get.

All you have to do is click the “Start Posting” button to begin running through ALL tasks! (Users can also choose to run through each Task Group separately if they want to go that route.)

BuyerBridge will immediately display a Task Panel that slides out and allows users to easily walk through each task using a simple step-by-step guide.

Users can then drop directly into the Facebook Listing Form (or Manage Inventory page) without having to leave the platform!

Next, all you have to do is pull the form or page up side-by-side with our Management Tool to easily copy & paste the new or updated fields, or mark the vehicle as sold.

After a task has been completed, BuyerBridge will populate the next task required until there are “0” tasks left. Boom – it’s as simple as it gets. ✅

Key Takeaways

BuyerBridge has invested heavily in ad tech and inventory management to help agencies and dealers scale.

While our current Posting & Management Tool will help you and your clients post vehicles on Marketplace, it still requires some manual work from your agency…

…but STAY TUNED – we are continuing to work towards evolving our manual solution and adding additional features that make it easier.

For now, get a quick walkthrough of our Marketplace Management Tool here, and see how much time your agency and clients will save posting + managing listings on Marketplace.

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Written By: Lauren Blackwell