BuyerBridge Ad Previews Tool: An Easy Way For Auto Agencies To Share Facebook Ad Previews

🎉 Presenting: The Ad Previews Tool

BuyerBridge is eager to announce our newest platform feature: the Ad Previews Tool

The Ad Previews Tool was developed to streamline the approval process of ads for your agency! 

When it comes to getting your dealership client’s approval on a Facebook ad, it shouldn’t be more difficult than creating the ad itself.

Yet, the “ad approval process” has presented a struggle for many auto agencies. 

Well aware of this, BuyerBridge managed to invent a solution taking form as the platform’s newest feature, the Ad Previews Tool. 

Ad Previews Made Painful 

Many agencies have experienced difficulty in presenting ad previews due to the limitations in place for dealership clients who don’t have access to their Facebook account, or don’t want to go through the hoops of clicking multiple ad preview links from their agencies.

This disrupts the ad approval process 👎 and forces agencies to find other ways to share ad previews with their dealership clients. 

In fact, many agencies have to resort to clunky workarounds, such as screenshots or recordings of the ads themselves, and even expensive software applications for arranging previews.

Worse still, agencies who submit Co-Op on behalf of their clients typically have to take a screenshot of every single ad image (which includes carousel slides and placements) to get Co-Op approval and reimbursement.

Think about all of the different types of advertisements: a single image, carousel ads, videos, etc. 

…now, think about all of the placements those ads have: Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Facebook Story Mobile, Marketplace Mobile, Instagram Story, and more.

Many agencies have to resort to screenshots and recordings of each ad in 5+ different placements for every client, and then arrange it for previewing! 🤯

If you’re thinking, “Sometimes you have to do what you have to do,” thankfully, you don’t anymore! 

BuyerBridge has introduced the Ad Previews Tool to relieve your agency of the pain associated with previewing ads and receiving approval from your dealer clients. 

Preview Problems, Solved 

First, with the Ad Previews Tool, we sought to give your agency better visibility into the way we structure playbooks under your Ad Accounts. 

Now, your agency will have the power to view all levels of campaign structures within the interface, and can even drop directly into Facebook Ads Manager with one click of a button.

But it doesn’t stop there… 

The BuyerBridge Ad Previews Tool also includes a “Preview” component, so all you have to do is select the ads or ad sets you wish to preview, and we will automatically generate and supply your agency with a secure URL containing ad previews. 

Not only will this URL enable you to view ad previews internally, but you can easily share it with users outside of the BuyerBridge platform! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. 

The preview screen produced will display fully interactive previews of all the ads you selected where you will be able to view numerous placement formats such as Desktop, Mobile, etc.

To see a more technical explanation of exactly how your agency will view and share ad previews using BuyerBridge, click here.

Whether you’re generating previews for individual ads, ad sets, or all ads under your campaign, you never have to navigate away from the platform!

Using this new Ad Previews Tool, your agency will get Facebook ads approved, set them live, and begin driving results for your dealership clients without interruption. 

Key Takeaway

Stop investing your agency’s time and energy struggling to find alternate ways for previewing and sharing Facebook ads with your dealership clients. 

The BuyerBridge Ad Previews Tool streamlines the ad approval process for your agency, providing a painless way to access Facebook ad previews and share them with your clients. 

We are continuously innovating the BuyerBridge platform and are dedicated to making your agency’s life easier day-by-day. 

Click here for a demo to see how the BuyerBridge Ad Previews Tool will advance your automotive agency and outcomes for your clients. 

Lauren Blackwell

Lauren Blackwell